Monday, May 16, 2011

Canister Update

Sometimes a simple, inexpensive change makes a big difference.  I'm in the process of redecorating my Tuscan/wine/grapes-on-everything kitchen.  I don't even drink wine, so I'm not really sure why I chose that particular theme for my kitchen when I was registering for wedding gifts 7 years ago, but at the time I loved it.  It's a gradual process, a little change here and there as I have the time and money.  The first thing to go were my canisters.  They were big, bulky and covered with grapes of course.  They were also opaque, which resulted in more than a few instances where I began to bake cookies or make pizza dough only to discover upon opening the canister that the flour was nearly gone or that I was out of sugar. 

Pretty, but I'm in the mood for a change.

So I replaced them with these...

Nothing fancy, just clear glass jars with metal lids.  Now I can see exactly how much sugar, flour, and wheat flour I have on hand before I start baking.  They take up much less space and make the countertop seem a lot less cluttered.  But I felt that they were a bit too plain and needed some personality, so I added custom vinyl labels in celadon green purchased from singlestory on Etsy.

Now they look like this...

Perfect!  The vinyl was very easy to apply and in the future will be easily removable (though not reusable).  The only downside to this project is now I may be addicted to vinyl labels!  They were so inexpensive and easy to use (not to mention cute and customized)...I might start labeling anything and everything in my house!


  1. Would love a set of clear canisters like the ones posted here!!! Where, oh where, did you get these?

  2. Where can i get them