Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Time Flies When You're Having Fun...

It's hard to believe that as of this past Saturday this baby girl....

is now 4 years old.  She's beautiful, smart, quirky, and extremely funny...she takes after her mommy!  She loves to sing and dance, pretend to be a chef in her play kitchen, play dress-up, read books, put together puzzles, and do crafts.  She's my little Mini-Me.  She keeps me in stitches all day long (when I'm not pulling my hair out.)  I love this kid!

Happy 4th birthday Bailey Rose!

It's even harder to believe that this little guy...

will be 1 year old tomorrow!  Zoom!  That was the last year flying by at the speed of light.  This little dude is the most laid back, happy baby I've ever met.  He likes to hang upside down, dance to the theme song from Hawaii Five-0, and lately has discovered that he can put his big toe in his mouth.  He took his first steps last week...yea!  He love, love, LOVES his big sister. He's stubborn like his daddy, and even though I'm fairly sure he'll start quoting Shakespeare before he ever says "mama," I love this little rascal too.

Happy 1st birthday Jake!

The old saying really is true...time flies when you're having fun!  :)

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