Thursday, July 21, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

In two days I will be taking a trip to Syracuse, NY.  This will be only my third time flying, and my first time to fly solo.  Did I mention that I'm absolutely terrified of flying?  Um, yeah.  I'm feeling a little queasy just writing about it.  But I am determined to conquer my fear of flying.  And hopefully I won't miss my connecting flight and get stranded in Washington DC.

The reason for my trip is to visit this gal...

That's me on the left, back when Bailey was not yet 2 years old and I didn't have any rogue grey hairs or a pesky forehead wrinkle.  That's Robyn on the right.  And yes that is indeed a cow wearing a holster, a cowboy hat, and lipstick behind us.  Welcome to Texas y'all!

Robyn and I met online over three years ago when our daughters were just babies.  We started chatting over a random blog post about spoon rests and the rest is history.  Over the past three years we've become very close, either chatting online or via text message nearly every single day.  She's become my long lost Yankee sister.  She is the cheese to my macaroni.

When Robyn made the journey to Texas two years ago to visit me, I made her do this...


No visit to Texas would be complete without having your picture taken on a longhorn in the Fort Worth Stockyards.  I also introduced her to Blue Bell ice cream and my mom's chicken fried steak.  She hasn't been the same since.

There is no telling what kind of trouble the two of us will get into this time around.  There has been mention of tattoos, but I'm hoping that's just a joke.  Although I'm a bit nervous about the flying, I'm really excited to finally meet her husband, her kiddos, and her dog.  And I'll be more than happy to leave behind these 100+ degree temps for the cooler weather in the Adirondacks.  NY here I come! 


  1. I just found and joined your blog and your are leaving on a jet plane! Enjoy your trip to NY and the cooler weather.

  2. It's nice to hear that there are other people who meet and make friends through the internet. I love riding planes and flying thousands of feet above the ground. But it's been so long since I last rode one. And I know some people like you who're afraid of flying.