Saturday, July 30, 2011

Photography Challenge: Week 1

As if I don't already have enough things to keep me busy, yesterday I decided on a whim to join the Photography Challenge at A Step in the Journey.  My picture taking skills definitely have some room for improvement and I love to fiddle around with Picnik and pretend to be artsy-fartsy, so why not?

My goal is to take, edit, and post one photo each week for 20 weeks.  Each week has a different theme.  The challenge kicks off this week with self portraits.  Here we go...

Week 1 - Self Portrait

I snapped this photo standing in my hallway, facing into the light streaming in through my patio doors.  I used the macro setting on my Sony Cybershot point and shoot camera.  I think you can see the reflection of the patio door in my eye.  Using Picnik, first I gave it a Boost, then added the Thermal Heat Map effect.  I like how my eyeball looks like one of those electric globes that makes your hair stand up when you touch it.  I only wish I had thought to curl my eyelashes before snapping the photo.  My lashes are really long and I think it would have made a nice frame for my eye.

Next week's theme...something that makes you smile.  So many possibilities!

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