Monday, October 17, 2011

Spooky Spider Web

Spooky, isn't it?  I love crafts that are quick and easy, and not to mention inexpensive.  Believe it or not, this spider web only took 10 minutes to make.  All you need is yarn (we used a dark charcoal gray) and tape.  Following this tutorial on the MADE blog (one of my favorites!), Bailey and I taped the yarn in a criss-cross all the way across our big kitchen window to make the foundation for our web.  Then, starting from the outer edges and working our way in to the middle, we looped the yarn around each piece of the criss-cross, forming the rings of the web.  Each time we completed a ring, we tied it off and started a new one a bit further in toward the middle, making 6 rings in all.  

There really is no way to mess this up.  The crazier and more crooked it is, the better!  Bailey had a great time helping me create the web and now she's looking forward to making a few spiders to put on it.  Spooky!

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