Friday, September 30, 2011

Adventures in Wonderland

It finally happened.  I have fallen into the rabbit hole known as Pinterest and cannot get out.  I've been creating boards and pinning things to them for about a week now and I have to admit, I'm completely addicted!  For those of you unfamiliar with Pinterest, it's a virtual bulletin board for your ideas, a place for you to "pin" the things you want to save for later, such as recipes, craft and sewing tutorials, home design inspiration, fashion finds, etc.  Anything goes.  If you find it on the web, you can pin it.

Here is just a tiny sampling of the things I've "pinned" this week...


You can view the rest of my boards and pins HERE.  You can browse Pinterest until the cows come home without actually joining the site, but you need an invitation to start pinning things to your own boards.  If you would like an invitation, feel free to leave your email address in the comments section or send it to me in an email at and I will send you an invitation.  **Disclaimer - I am not responsible for the many, many hours you will waste away pinning ideas!  ha!

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