Monday, August 8, 2011

The Big Reveal!

Some of you may recall that over the past few months I have been working on "the biggest quilt I've ever made."  (You can view past posts here, here, and here).  The mystery quilt has recently been gifted to its new owner, so now I can show it off.  I apologize in advance for the not-so-great photos.  Are you ready?

Tada!  The Aggie Quilt... 

It seems that in Texas you're either a Longhorn or an Aggie.  For my friend Sherry, being an Aggie is a family tradition.  I'm pretty sure she bleeds maroon.  She wanted to give her daughter Megan (Class of 2012) a birthday/graduation gift to celebrate their shared love of all things Texas A&M.  That gift was The Aggie Quilt. 

The Aggie Quilt represents quite a few "firsts" for me.  It was my first time to...
  • use a quilt kit (Stars Over Texas A&M kit from Lone Star Quiltworks)
  • do raw edge applique
  • attempt free motion quilting
  • make a scrappy binding


 At 66x84 inches it is the largest quilt I've ever made.  This sucker was so big that even standing on a ladder I couldn't get a picture of the whole quilt.  And every bit of it was sewn on my Babylock sewing machine while sitting at my kitchen table.  By the time the final stitch was sewn, I had used nearly 4 spools of thread, 9 bobbins, and had broken one needle.  I lost count of how many times I thought "what did I get myself into??"  But I was determined to see it through from beginning to end, so I stuck with it and I'm really glad that I did.  I'm very proud of this quilt.  You never know what you're capable of until you challenge yourself, right?

I am very pleased with how the free motion quilting turned out.  It was tricky in the beginning and at times it wasn't so easy to maneuver such a large quilt under my machine, but once I figured out the setting for the tension and got into the groove it went pretty smoothly.  I feel like I've got the hang of it now.  I even managed to sneak a few traditional Aggie phrases into the quilting in the bottom border (you may have to click on the photo to enlarge it in order to see it).

"Gig 'Em Aggies!"


I would like to send out a big "thank you" to my mom for completing the appliqued letters and embroidery on the borders.  And another one to my sister for spending two hours sitting at my kitchen table clipping a billion tiny threads.

Hopefully this quilt will become a treasured family heirloom that is passed down to many more generations of Aggies.  Gig 'Em!  :)

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  1. You are the best and we will treasure it forever! Love ya, Sherry

  2. That looks great, you are so talented! saw you on link party. Now google friend following you. Please pop by and I would love it if you followed me to, Karima x

  3. My mother in law might die if she saw this! She loves A & M! Her son just graduated from there! Great job! Thanks for linking up to Craft and Tell!


  4. That is an awesome Aggie quilt! Whoop! I've quilted a king size quilt on my machine and put up four of those 6 ft Lifetime tables with my machine on the end of it and the tables out in front of my worked! I prefer quilting on the table instead of the huge quilt frame.
    Stay cool,

  5. Wow~that is AMAZING!!! (even if its not a UT blanket! lol) So much detail! How could someone not love that!

  6. What a project, Ricki! Way to go challenging yourself with so many firsts on one project. I haven't worked up the nerve to try free motion quilting, and you dove right in on a huge quilt! It looks amazing. I love what you said, "You never know what you're capable of until you challenge yourself." Very true.

  7. This is so awesome! Great job, Ricki.

  8. I love it! That is a big project! It looks fantastic! What a fun gift!

  9. Wow - that is truly a labor of love. I tried the link to the Stars over Texas A&M quilt and did not get anything.
    Is there another website.
    Thanks and Gig Em - CindyML

  10. As a rabid Aggie fan I love it!!!! A beautiful job!!! GIG'EM!!!!